Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello Everyone

Just wanted to say hello. Any questions?
I have a rain day.(no outside work) I will be working on MFDC' inside. Should complete newest case soon. I am working on the backing today,(where the Medals and Photo will be placed) should be a real treat! I will then place it on my site . It is really something. Make sure you take a look at it.
The cost of this MFDC is higher than the rest. Due to the time and design of this case. You will either love it or you won't. This is and will be the Only one like it in the world! It will not ever be made again.
I may make different designs of that MFDC Combo. but this pattern will not be repeated.
Thanks Richard.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Residential Construction Articles

What Do You Think?

I plan on writting some articles about;
*building decks, Outside walls, Inside partitions, setting windows, setting doors, setting truss', building a roofing system, Cutting rafter's, Putting you floor system down, putting your subfloor down, Interior baseboard and trim, Dry wall or sheetrock applications.

That is just a few of the articles I plan on writting. What do you think? Would you be interested in knowing this information?

I could write about "Replacing kitchen or Bathroom floors" Due to water damage.
Exciting stuff, I know. But its what I know. Let me know what you think. If there is something at your house that "needs a fixin", write me (comments) and I will write an article about it. If I dont know how to fix it, I bet I know someone who does!
Take care and dont be a stranger.
Richard (MFDC)

Monday, February 4, 2008

A couple links to photos and gblog for articles

This goes to Flickr.com where you will see some of my remodeling work and of course some of my flag cases.
flickr photos
To view MFDC Articles, click on the "view complete profile" at bottom of this page. Then click on the MFDC Articles link. Thanks!

If you have not been to my site yet, here is the link;
Military Flag Display Case

I am also a fan of StumbleUpon.Com and eHow.com. Visit them if you get the chance.

New Flag Case Styles

As of right now 2/4/08 I have 9 unique styles available. I need some new ideas. If you have something in mind let me know.
I was thinking about Making a standard (no decoration on wood) flag case, but the stain will be in Camouflage. What do you think?

I am almost finished with my newest style. It is a combination "flag case and shadow box" set. Quite large, but very beautiful. It should be on the site in two weeks.


MFDC If you did'nt know this yet. That stands for Military Flag Display Case.

I will, quite often be blogging about what is happening with the site or just going on about whatever. You are most than welcome to post "just" about whatever you like.
Thanks for reading.
Richard (MFDC)