Sunday, December 14, 2008

Flag Case - Exotic Wood

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Flag Case - Exotic Wood:

I happened across an Exotic Wood called "Padauk" (photo to be incerted later). It is an Orange based wood with brown tones to it. The special thing about this piece was its grain pattern. Now with most woods that I purchase, I purchase for the looks of the grain patterns. You can buy Padauk, Wenge, Purple Heart and some others "All day long" but if the grain isnt saying something or doing something interesting, why buy it? This is one of the reasons why my custom Flag Cases stand out from all others. I truly do care what I am putting out. If its not what I would want my family members burial flag in, its pretty much just fire wood.
Come see what I have available and if you want Rare woods that are hard to get,I can probably get it! Come see what I can do.
Thanks for your time;
Richard (MFDC)

Flag Case

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Flag Case:
I am planning on placing alot of photos of MFDC's that has been made for customers onto Youtube,Break and Flickr. This should be complete within 7 days of this posting. I am trying my best to get out new styles for you to view in between filling orders. If you have any question, please ask.
Thank you;
Richard (MFDC)