Monday, July 14, 2008

Building Your Own Flag Display Case (Video)

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Building your Own Flag Display Case Video:

Hello All. I have had many people visit my site looking for information on "How to build a flag case". Well the information is there, but now (on or before 7-21-08) there will be a video as well. The Flag Display Case that I show you how to build on the video is made of Solid Oak.
We go through the measuring of the flag, the cutting of the wood, staining and assembly of the frame and base. This is a well crafted Burial Flag Case. Better than anything you will ever buy in a store. It will mean so much more because you will make it for your loved one or friend.
The video is 1:50 in length and has 25 segments (short ones), this way you can always refer back if you have questions about anything. You may contact me through my website if something isn't quite clear.
Again, the "Build Your Own Flag Display Case Video" will be available on or before 7-21-08, come visit my site and check it out.
Thank you; Richard (MFDC)

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